Gary Jensen is a pastor in the North American Lutheran Church (NALC).  He has been married to his one and only wife and sweetheart, Ann, since 1980.  They have four grown children that include a set of triplets.  And they have two young grandchildren.  Until recently Gary and Ann enjoyed going for walks locally, and travelling to visit family and friends across the northwestern United States and Hawaii.  For fun Gary has also enjoyed hiking in the fabulous mountains of the Pacific Northwest, including the North Cascades of Western Washington.  In March of 2019 Gary and Ann moved to their new NALC congregation, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, in Berlin, PA, USA. where they are taking in the geographical, cultural, and historical sites of to be found in the "Keystone" state, which is indeed lovely.  Gary also enjoys the two extremes of gazing into the night sky through his Newtonian Reflector telescope and digging through rocks in search for fossils and other indications of the geological history of our land.  In between these two realms Gary has also enjoyed tandem skydiving on two occasions.